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Orange Nemesis

In our restaurant we use a lot of biological oranges for freshly squeezed orange juice.

you would be surprised, if you knew how many people order this drink! The machine, whom i really like a lot, (it is like a little orange juice factory) is working overtime everyday.

Which leaves us with a whole bunch of orange peels day after day.

one day the garbage collector came to pick up the trash and a big 120 liter container fell over, and i was really triggered to do something with them.

I started asking around what i could make out of it, and i was left with a whole lot of ideas like deoderizer, orange peel candle, body scrub and things like that.

nice ideas, but if you can't consume it, i'm not really interested.

my first attempt of using the orange peels was to make an old fashioned English marmelade out of it. For the original recipe i had to use bitter Valencia oranges, but ofcourse i tried it with the OJ-peels, and it turned out quite edible. I'll give you the recipe after my story.

After my marmelade adventure, i knew i had to come up with a better idea to get rid of the peels, so i installed my slowjuicer to try and get the essential oils out of the peels. As i put the peels through the machine, I was left with a very bitter slushy kind of bitter soup and let it stand overnight, in hope of the essential oils to come floating to the surface. No such thing the other morning, so that one failed!

After this fiasco i was thinking of what my father once told me. According to him you can make alcohol out of most of foods. So thats what i did people! I made arnacello out of the peels, with about 15% alc.vol. Over here we call it Oranjebitter. It's not a wine, not a liquor, i don't know what to call it, but it sure is tasty and useable in many different ways.


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